Daughters of the Storm – Kim Wilkins

Daughters of the Storm by Kim Wilkins follows five sisters as they try to save their father, The King, from a mysterious illness that has suddenly put him into a deep slumber. Convinced that his illness is caused by a spell the sisters take him, in secret, to try and find a witch that specialises in illegal dark magic. While the five sisters have a common goal they are all different, a proud warrior, an adultress, one harbors potentially dark magic, another is vain and the last sister is a sacrilegious zealot. Each follows their own path doing what they believe is best for their father and themselves.

Wilkins’ imagination for the creation of her characters is astounding. Each character is different from the other. Which is unexpected with books that involve siblings. They often end up blending together and making it hard to remember who is who. Willow and Ash were the most interesting to be as Willow follows a religion that isn’t talked about in depth which made it intriguing. I am hoping that Mavaa will become more clear in the next novel. Ash has a magic that is very powerful but isn’t really explained fully, though it is made a little more clear by the end. Ash’s destiny is also said to be blighted and I’m curious to see how that will play out. The other sisters’ actions throughout the novel are fairly obvious, which was a little disappointing but, aside from Ivy, it was made it by their personality and the writing of their actions.

While the overarching plot of the novel is saving the King from certain death so much does on that I sort of forgot about it. I didn’t think that this was a bad thing because, let’s face it, who would want to read a book that was just five sisters sitting around their father hoping that he gets better. Not me. I’m glad that the novel branched out to follow the sisters through their own separate parts and that was the most enjoyable part to me, mostly because the King doesn’t have the time to develop so I didn’t care much if he recovered or not.

I’m excited to see how the magic system of this series is going to play out. It isn’t until the last quarter of the book that it’s magic is talked about to a deeper extent. It could be interesting as it seems that it is unusually for someone to gain magic powers until they are much older, seeming to be more like their 30’s, though it is just stated that Ash is too young to have any kind of magic.

I appreciated that Wilkins had a twist at the end of the novel but it was still a satisfying ending. If the epilogue was cut out it could have easily been a stand alone. It was nice to find an author that relied more on her writing to get people to come back to read the next installment than having an extreme cliff hanger for the ending.

Daughters of the Storm is a novel that will take you on an adventure, through 5 very different sisters. Each of them giving their own viewpoints on their world and each other. I’d suggest picking this book up if you’re looking for a book that has some crossings into Game of Thrones but with less characters and political intrigue to follow.