Ghosted -Rosie Walsh

Ghosted by Rosie Walsh is a romance novel that follows Sarah who after and accident in her hometown she moves to Los Angeles. During a visit to her parents she meets Eddie David, who she instantly falls for. They spend her week in England together, when the end of the week comes they promise to keep in touch. Weeks go by and Eddie has not responded to her. Sarah fears she’s been ghosted, but she refuses to give up. Soon she finds out the real reason he stopped talking to her and she’s devastated. She hopes that they can make it work, but knows that it probably won’t.

Have you ever had that book that you kept reading, but you don’t know why you did? That was Ghosted for me. This novel takes forever to get going, it’s not until the second part of the book, which is about halfway through, for the first real twist to happen. That twist made me want to know what happened but in the end I ended up being disappointed.

The character development over all wasn’t bad but the romance between Sarah and Eddie did make me hope that they would end up together. I wish that their week together was more drawn out and affectionate so that I would care about their relationship. Their relationship is the most important one in the whole book and yet the week that they spend together is maybe a quarter of the book. There’s a problem when you feel more connected to a side character who has been dead for years.

Ghosted needed to have a twist before it did, but the big twist would have been enough for the novel. After this twist is revealed there are many other smaller ones in the last half of the book that did not seem necessary. They added in character development for characters that were not involved in the story besides having the main characters talk about them. I really didn’t see the need to learn more about Hannah, Alex or Sarah’s abusive ex-boyfriend. However, I don’t think that taking them out would have helped save this book for me.

Walsh’s novel left many things to be desired, from the late story twists to character development. I was initially intrigued by the synopsis but now I wish I would have forgone reading it and moved on to a book that captured my attention better.